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Saturday 5th March 2016 - St John's Mansion

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St John's Mansion - Saturday 5th March 2016

Weston Close, Warwick, CV34 4NF

20:30 to 02:00

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With over 900 years of history connected to this building, it's the perfect place to encounter spirits and it certainly has proven to be an active location. With its rich history and our special access to the dark cellars it will certainly prove to be a night to remember.

The existing building is not the first on the site. The first recorded one was a hospital dedicated to St John the Baptist which was founded at some time during the 12th century the reign of Henry II. John was a popular choice of dedication during this period and served the double purpose of giving casual overnight boarding and foods to poor travellers, and for ongoing help for the local poor and ill.

After changing hands during the monastic dissolution the building was altered almost beyond recognition in 1626 and transformed into the current building. In 1788, George Greville, 2nd Earl of Warwick purchased the property and it stayed in the family until 1960. During this period, in 1815 it was turned from a family residence into a private school.

In the 1960s, the property was passed from the Earls of Warwick to Warwickshire County Council who turned it into a museum which it still remains.

You will not be short of spirits to greet you at this location be it from the hospital, school or even a little more recent some people just never want to leave. As one trip advisor person comments

“Took part in a ghost hunt here last night, and all I can say is woah!! It was a phenomenal place. I dont know anything about the history of the building, or the hospital that stood on the same ground,

but found out all sorts communicating with the spirits (whether you believe or not). I could go through them all now, but I would recommend looking into it and seeing for yourself.”

The night includes

• Vigils in the dark

• Séances

• Glass Divination

• Ouija Board experience

• The White Noise Experiment

• Tea and Coffee refreshments and a mince pie.

• Use of all Ghost Hunting Equipment

• The guidance of our highly qualified team members

Guests are asked to bring a torch.