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Saturday 16th April 2016 - Alton Towers

Written by Larry McFadyen on . Posted in Matt

Alton Towers - NOW SOLD OUT

Farley Lane, Alton, Staffordshire ST10 4DB

Saturday 16th April 2016

21:00 to 03:00


This venue needs no real introduction but it is so much more than the entertainment complex the name conjures up. We are delighted to secure this venue in ssociation with our good friends at Darkside Paranormal for an unbelievable night ahead of you.


The history of Alton Towers is long and varied. Built in an area called Bunbury Hill, it started its life as an iron age fort before 1000BC, until about 700AD when it became a fortress for the Saxon King Ceolred of Mercia.

The land had many owners and uses, until the 1100's when a crusader by the name of Bertram de Verdun was given the land for his work during the Holy Land Wars. Eventually, the estate was in the hands of the Talbot family, who originated from France. The first Earl of Shrewsbury, John Talbot, fought alongside Henry V for much of his life, and the family were always close to the hearts of the rulers of the country.

Major work on the house began in 1811, and after this was renamed to Alton Abbey, though it could hold no actual claim to be called an Abbey. If you examine closely enough, you can still see some of the remaining parts of Alton Lodge today.

In 1827, Charles died, but his nephew, John, shared his vision for the estate, and took over his work. A monument was erected to Charles in the gardens, with the words 'He Made The Desert Smile'. John, would over the next few years, complete the gardens, and the house.

When Earl John died in 1852, the history of the Towers would change forever. Legal battles began by family members believing to have right to the estate, very costly legal battles as it would turn out. Henry Chetwynd Talbot, won the battle for the house, but due to the massive costs incurred by this, he would next sell the contents of the house.

In 1860, with the Earl needing to raise money to restore parts of the house that were in dire need of repair, he decided to open the grounds to the public. It was in 1918, that much of the Shrewsbury properties were sold, and ultimately, in 1924, the Alton Towers estate itself was sold to a group of local businessmen. Once again, an auction was held, and all the contents of the house were sold to the highest bidder. The estate was still open to the public during this time, and some of the rooms were converted into cafes and rest rooms for the thousands of visitors it received every year.

Shortly after the outbreak of the second World War, the estate was requisitioned by the army to be used as a cadet training centre. During this time, no repairs were carried out, and so the buildings continued their demise. It wasn't until 1951, that the Towers were returned to the Alton Towers Company, and due to the post-war shortage of metals such as copper and lead, the whole interior of the house was removed for sale leaving what we see today, with only small glimpses of what once adorned the bare brick and stone walls.

The whole house was abandoned, with the exception of the Chapel, that housed a model railway, and the Armoury, that became a gift shop. In the 1970's, the new owners, decided to restore parts of the house, and reinforced the floors and ceilings to allow public access.


When TV's Most Haunted visited Alton Towers a couple of years ago they found plenty of evidence to suggest the site is haunted. The team had stones thrown at them and a member of the team was assaulted by an unseen entity that left him dazed and with a cut to his head. The venue has since become a favourite with paranormal groups due to the amount and regularity of the activity experienced there.

Hex - The Legend of the Towers is an attraction designed by John Wardley at Alton Towers. It opened in 2000 and is situated in the original armoury and picture gallery of the Gothic mansion.

The attraction is tied in with the curse at Alton Towers, the walls around the ride document it. This area is known by staff as one of the most haunted on the estate with regular poltergeist activity.

Tools are moved during the night, staff have had objects and stones violently thrown at them by an unseen entity. Guests queuing for the ride have seen ghostly children dressed in Victorian clothing, that suddenly vanish.

The ghost of a large man has been seen in and around the music room by members of staff. Loud heavy footsteps have also been heard coming from the room upon investigation the room is always empty. Other footsteps have been heard in the banqueting room but in this instance they are accompanied by a dark shadowy figure.

A ghost of a Lady in a long black dress has been seen walking the corridors in the tower, her presence is often accompanied by a strong smell of perfume. One member of staff believed her to be a guest who was still in the park after hours and asked her to leave. The woman slowly faded away in front of him, much to the staff member's surprise.

The night includes

  • Vigils in the dark
  • Séances
  • Glass Divination
  • Ouija Board experience
  • The White Noise Experiment
  • Tea and Coffee refreshments
  • Use of all Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • The guidance of our highly qualified team members


Guests are asked to bring a torch.