messages from our guests....


Matt (Medium)

Matt is the co-founder of Personal Paranormal and is a trained medium having studied under amazing mediums at the Arthur Findley College. As well as paranormal work Matt is also fully engaged with spirit communication and regularly does private 121 readings and platform readings. My favourite communication is direct with spirit but I have to admit I still love Glass Divination. My top three haunted locations are Woodchester Mansion, The Skirrid Inn and Middleton Hall.



Clive (Host)


Clive is the other co-founder of Personal Paranormal and has an interest in all things spiritual and is an enthusiastic paranormal investigator. Clive is our official “meeter and greeter” and will assist you with any questions and make you feel comfortable. He is also leads the day to day administration management. His favourite communication tool is Automatic writing and his favourite haunted venue is Middleton Hall.

Brenda and Alan



We would describe ourselves as Brenda being spiritually sensitive & Alan as a Paranormal enthusiast.

We have been involved with events since 2013. 
Our favourite haunted locations are our house & Woodchester Mansion
Our favourite spirit communication devices are glass & ouija board

We have both been interested in the paranormal for many years
Alan felt his gran's presence within days of her passing away and has felt her presence many times since
Brenda since a child has always felt that friends were with her
We have got spirit presence in our house and got more involved in the paranormal after a private investigation in our home and finding out one of our house guests is a child called Emily who constantly makes her presence known

The spirit world is part of our every day lives and brings us guidance and fulfilment.



I would describe myself as a sensitive paranormal investigator. In the daytime I am a professional musician and teacher, my role is very different when investigating the paranormal. I had my first experience of the paranormal at the age of 13 at Ingestre Hall in Staffordshire, where I witnessed a dark figure standing at the end of my bed for a few minutes. Since that day I have been very interested in the paranormal having had several experiences over the years. I have attended many investigations with my favourite being Tutbury Castle.


Larry (Website Admin / Photography / Advertising)


I first became interested in the paranormal when I visited an event at the Skirrid Inn in 2013, I was very sceptical at the time, but the glasswork and other occurances on the night changed my mind somewhat. The friendliness shown by the team and the things I have experienced gave me the urge to become more involved with Personal Paranormal



I have always been interested in the paranormal and after visiting a few events and shows I felt the need to continue my pursuit. I have a natural gift of saying "what i think or feel" and this has helped me a lot as I start to gather knowledge in Glasswork and Tarot, I love using the Spirit Boards and Human Pendulums and I just enjoy seeing reactions of people who have been skeptical or are gaining new knowledge into Spirit. I am also a fully qualified nurse, so you know your in safe hands.


Darran Charles (Guest Medium)

I have been fascinated by the paranormal and all things psychic since I was a kid even though it scared me stupid at that time and I spent most nights
sleeping with the light on with a bible under the bed :-) Growing up in an old Victorian haunted house and reading every ghost book I could find didn't
help. My parents were convinced I had been here before plus I used to just "know stuff", about future events, when the phone was going to ring, who was
calling, thinking of people then bumping into them, all that psychic stuff we all do from time to time.

I have been attending Spiritualist churches for about 20 years and have been in development as a medium for around 10 years. I have also attended courses
at Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall in Essex. I have been working as a demonstrating medium at churches and venues throughout the midlands for
about 5 years now and have been doing private readings for the same amount of time.

I love working for spirit and am grateful for every opportunity to both serve spirit and help people at the same time.
I don't believe that any religion has all the answers and that includes Spiritualism but I find it to be all encompassing and welcomes people
whatever their faith or belief. I also feel that we are all on our own spiritual journey and we should build up our beliefs based on our own
experiences not doctrines handed down through the ages. I have been fortunate to receive some truly amazing evidence of survival from some
excellent clairvoyants and mediums over the years but I also believe that no amount of anecdotal or second hand evidence, however good, is any substitute
for experiencing survival evidence either directly yourself or through a good medium.





My interest in the paranormal began back in 2000, where I had witnessed a full bodied apparition.
My curiosity grew upon the passing of my father, which led to me spending 15 years attending events all over the country in search of the afterlife.
I consider myself to be sensitive to spirit, with the ability to pick up on names and emotions.
My favourite haunted location is Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire, With Llanthony Secunda Manor in Caldicot a very close second.
My favourite spirit communication devices are glass divination and the Spirit board.



From a very young age spirits have shown themselves to me, guided me and talked to me. I've always been interested in life after death. My door keeper (Guardian Angel) is a lady called Mary Ashford who was murdered 1817 in Sutton Coldfield. Her ghost can been seen on Penns lane. I found out a few years ago that she is related to me on my father’s side and she helps me to bring spirits closer so we can communicate.

I've been to lots of mediums that have told me that I have the gift to communicate with sprit as in my past life I was a white Witch. This led me to have training to become a medium. I also had training to read tarot cards.

I started ghost hunting about five years ago with lots of other teams but Personal Paranormal were so welcoming, caring and so helpful with my journey to the spirit world and I am continually learning. I was overwhelmed when they asked me to join the team last year.

My favourite place is Drakelow Tunnels, there was an incident where the table turned with only three new guests fingers on the table. The guests were calling out to make the table spin the other way and to their amazement it did. I then asked the spirits to throw the table across the room and it went flying across the room. Only the guest’s fingers were on the table. They were all shocked!

It's so lovely when people are unsure at first and then they believe.





Since my wife has always been into the paranormal, I have found myself wanting to learn more about the spirit world. I went to my first ever ghost hunt with Personal Paranormal at the Manor House in Tamworth.

That night my brother who had passed over came through on the glass work answering questions that no one else would know the answer to. It made me want to do more and become a keen investigator. I have learnt a lot with Personal Paranormal and they are always happy to help. I was delighted to be asked to join the team and they have made me feel very welcome.

My favourite place was Craig Y Nos in Wales this is where I had lots of children came through wanting to talk to me and telling me about their past life on the sprit board. My second favourite is Hereford Town Hall where I was picked out from guests and put into the centre of the circle as the human pendulum. A sprit of lady was present swinging me back and forwards to answer yes and no. When that part was over I had a scratch on my right cheek and it was bleeding.


What an experience that was!